Opening: China Cultural Centre The Hague

The establishment of the cultural centre was announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his state visit to the Netherlands in 2014.

24 November 2016 to 31 December 2016

As the opening exhibition of China Cultural Centre in Den Haag, “Dialogue across Time and Space: Homage to Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare” is open to the public. We’re pleased to share this information and has further the honor to invite everyone interested in to come, experience and be part of the global initiative in more than 20 countries and regions commemorating the two greatest dramatists and the 400-year anniversary of their passing away.

Exhibition period:Monday-Friday 10:30-17:30, free admission before January 1, 2017

Venue:Exhibition Hall of China Cultural Centre in Den Haag(Ground floor)

Address:Spui 186 2511BW,Den Haag

Brief introduction:

Theater derives from the essence of life. The connection between Western and Eastern theater highlights the creative wonders of a boundless world. In the late 1500s and the early 1600s, Tang Xianzu of China and William Shakespeare of Britain reached the zenith of theater on opposite sides of the world simultaneously. Their works, vivid epitomes of the society and culture at that time, can be likened to “a mine rich in inexhaustible gold and diamonds” worthy of incessant exploration and cultivation.

This exhibition is co-initiated by Center of International Cultural Exchange and Beijing Culture and Art Center. Based on the outcomes of parallel and cross-cultural studies home and abroad, it explores the life experiences and literary achievements of the two masters, allowing visitors to understand the similarities and differences between the Eastern and Western theatrical cultures. In addition to the physical exhibits, the utilization of VR technology enables visitors from various culture backgrounds to travel back 400 years to experience the essence of culture and interaction of civilizations as well as appreciate the charm of Chinese culture.