Avenue Ceramique 250
6221 KX Maastricht
Mapping NL

The Bonnefantenmuseum combines, in a building by Aldo Rossi, private and public collections with both old master painting and sculpture as cutting edge contemporary art. Furthermore it hosts the so-called Rijksmuseum Maastricht and collections focused both on medieval applied arts (Neutelings) as on mainstream contemporary (Vandenhove). The Bonnefantenmuseum focusses on the so called ‘hidden canon’ of the arts. A concept that the museum uses for artists that are not (yet) on the mainstream stages. The museum collects, researches and presents special and distinctive art. It has the ambition to present art in relation to the social context where it speaks to a broad audience. The Bonnefantenmuseum presents itself as an artists museum, an academic museum and a safe haven for different communities. Collecting, presenting and education are part of the core tasks. 

Visual Arts