April 11, 2018

Dutch Culture Festival Chengdu 2017 | This is for the Public

The theme of “This Is For The Public” stands out for its public participation, while stimulating the discussion about public space.


From September till November of this year, the 2017 Dutch Culture Festival will be organized in Chengdu. After several successful Holland-themed events over the past years, Dutch Culture Festival now presents a diverse story about public space and city living at various locations in downtown Chengdu. Its first event is scheduled for 20 September and the last event coincides with the final day of the Chengdu Creativity & Design Week on 14 November 2017.
Dutch Culture Festival
Dutch Culture Festival is a series of cultural activities initiated by About Asia, with support of Creative Holland and DutchCulture. It invites audiences for an interesting interaction between the Netherlands and China in the fields of culture, design and art. The 2017 edition of Dutch Culture Festival highlights the topic of public space and city living under the title “This Is For The Public”. For this year’s edition, Dutch Culture Festival set up alliances with four city level events spread through the city of Chengdu. 

This Is For The Public
The theme of “This Is For The Public” stands out for its public participation, while stimulating the discussion about public space. Various approaches to design interventions in public space will be discussed and displayed. The public is invited to interact with installations, take part in workshops and activities and even become part of social experiments.


2017 Chengdu Summit Forum on Urban Culture Development
In collaboration with West Village, one of Chengdu’s cultural districts, a forum with the topic of Future City will give insight in new city developments. Architect John van de Water (CEO NEXT Architects) and Michiel Roosjen (founder About Asia) will discuss both the physical environment and creative industries of tomorrow’s cities. A dialogue with the CEO of Luxelakes and prominent Chinese architect Liu Jiakun will be set up to discuss our future urban environments.

Dutch Culture Festival x Eternal City
Jointly with Eternal City, a Holland themed program was set up that features Dutch architecture, Dutch design and lifestyle, modern art, sports and social experiments. The program includes bamboo art from Dutch art collective Bram and Tijn Versteegde (Art Works And More); football clinics from Football Future’s head coaches Norman Lee and Willem de Roo; Dutch design products presented by Dutch design store Concert; Dutch design and art practices presented by Taetske van Dijk, director at KPG Architects and Dutch artist Li Xiaofeng. 

2017 Chengdu - Europe Culture Season
Chengdu-Europe Culture Season, organized by Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office, is a city level event that celebrates three months of cultural exchange between Chengdu and six European countries, including the Netherlands. Dutch Culture Festival collaborates with this event and introduces two sub-events under this umbrella; light installation “Floating Lights” from Dutch artist Wouter Brave and renowned global speakers event PechaKucha Night. The light installation is hosted at IFS Chengdu and kindly sponsored by Eternal City, a new development area in Chengdu with which multiple Dutch organizations found collaboration.

2017 Chengdu Creativity & Design Week
During this years’ Chengdu Creativity & Design Week, social experiment “The Best 50m2” will be introduced to visitors of the design week. The Best 50m2 searches for ideas how to develop the best meters of public space in town. Dutch concept developers guide a group of workshop participants to literally develop a surface of fifty square meters in just one-day time. The workshop was developed by About Asia with leading creative industry representatives and tours other key design events in China including Beijing Design Week and Wuhan Design Biennale.



2017 Chengdu Summit Forum on Urban Culture Development
20 September
Location: West Village

Dutch Culture Festival x Eternal City

Bamboo workshop 
Official reception 
Dutch Bicycle Experience 
Football clinic 
Dutch Culture & Design Salon

21-24 September 
Location:Eternal City

Light installation Floating Light
3 - 15 October
Location: IFS Gallery 7F

PechaKucha Night Chengdu Vol. 6 X Chengdu-Europe Culture Season
10 November 2017
Location: Fangsuo Chengdu, Taikooli

The Best 50M2
10-14 November 2017
Location: Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center


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